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Our objective from the beginning, was and is, to seek the academic growth of our apprentices. We make sure that everyone advances and nobody, absolutely nobody, who is under our administration is left behind. With this in mind, we have implemented our online tutoring services. At Mentor Academy, we understand that everyone is special in one way or another and the capabilities are limitless for those who set out to achieve their goals.

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«they came at the right time!»

I contrated Mentor Academy for my 6th grade son. I strongly believe all of their tutoring plans are excellent, as is their English program. I recommend them 100%.


Indhira Diaz

Indhira Diaz

“MY son Enjoyed Every Lesson”

My dream has came true! My beloved son was able to graduate, and if it wasn’t for their help, it would have taken my son quite some to reach his goal. Thank you very much, and please, continue your great job! 2018-2019

Pamela R.

Pamela R.

“It Was Really Interesting”

Before I used to think that studying with a tutor means you’re not good enough, and to be honest, I was a bit shy, until I met my tutor. She motivated me a lot and was very professional. I really appreciate all her effort and charisma. Loved it!

Brian L. Madera

Brian L. Madera

17 years old
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We started with just a single tutor, and over time, several have joined this great family of educators. Every year we have more demands from parents and university students needing our tutoring services.

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